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About me

Let me introduce myself

A bit about me

Hey what's up? Full name's Mohamed Hanif but everyone calls me Hanif. I'm a Digital Marketing Executive born and raised in Pondicherry. I started my first online business in the age of 20.

I'm easy going person works well with everyone, I love to watch Kick-Boxing and my hobbies are playing street cricket and punching the boxing bags. “I have spent the last three years developing my skills as a Digital Marketing Executive for Many clients. Where I promoted many websites on the first page of Google in the short period. I love bringing web Traffic on my projects.


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Personal info

Mohamed Hanif

Here you can contact me for your Professional Consultation.

Birthday: 27 FEB 1992
Phone number: +(91) 9500338277
Website: www.topseopond.com
E-mail: hanief.mohamed5@gmail.com
Nickname: SEO Expert
SEO Expert in Pondicherry


Know more about my past


  • Apr 2014-Apr 2016

    Digital Marketing Executive @ Easy Outdesk Inc

    Co-managed all online marketing for Easy Outdesk Inc, working closely with Founder / Co-Founder and colleagues. Provided my inputs for Digital marketing the events all over world for success. Coordinated across multiple departments internally (marketing, creative services, finance etc.), and collaborated with external consultants including IT professionals.

  • July 2016-June 2017

    SEO Analyst @ Infom Atomicka

    Recruited to help grow small legal practice by developing and executing low-budget digital marketing campaigns. Accountable for designing marketing messages, creating and managing online ad campaigns (including Google Adwords), and building a positive web presence. Further grew sales by recommending targeted marketing aimed at specific demographics.

  • 2012-2017

    Digital Marketing Executive @ Freelancing

     Provided freelance Digital Marketing services to small businesses, helping several organizations establish a successful Search engine friendly web presence for the first time (2012 to 2017).Also Assisted family business with marketing strategy, creating and executing comprehensive plan to increase leads and drive new sales.


  • 2011-2014

    DR CV Raman University @BCA

    Hey I just completed Bachelor of Computer Applications in the DR C.V Raman University which was approved by AICTE India. Here it took 3 years to complete my degree with 79% of score. Here I learned the concepts of Search engine Algorithms, fundementals of softwares also in my second year itself I achieved my first online earnings.

  • 2013-2014

    Seventh-Day Adventist School @ High & HSC Schoolings

    I done my schoolings everything in my native pondicherry at Seventh-Day Adventist higher secondary school itself. I scored 79% in SSLC and 66% in HSC, here I took our native cultural French language as my second language and scored 95% on board exam, I learned and earned the term Punctual from my School.

  • 2009-2013

    Zuan technologies @ Interneship

    ZUAN Technology is the leading Digital Marketing Company in the chennai city, they handling multi prohects from the Multi-nations. I took three months to complete my Internship program here and I learned the Advance Digital Marketing program including Affliate Marketing, Off-Page Skills and Link Building etc.

Skills & Things about me

Email Marketing
Link Building
Copy Writing
Social Media


My latest projects

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Digital Marketing Jobs & Career Opportunities in India

Good Morning to Digital Marketing!

WOW! The World is updated, Peoples are jumping into the next planet but still, we are rolling our career into the Small Pot. Peoples are losing their hope without any trial, Today market become very big and we have many new features to update by our own. Here I am going to shout about Digital Marketing a new trend ruling the business like a King- Yes the King has Arrived! believe that you met your future.
(Great things are achieved only through the Belief)
A Career in Digital Marketing started ruling the ground. But still, students don't have that much of idea about how to enter in this field. This short notes may provide you some basic information about the digital marketing trends in future, job opportunities in digital marketing, skills in digital marketing, how to pick a digital marketing course, etc. which is important for making an outstanding career in digital marketing.
However today market changed a lot, Our Future kids going to study that our Grand People bought the products from Street side shops and damn sure they will like to enjoy those things, but they can't able to perform those action because E – Commerce Era start ruling the globe
A Recent report shows that 30% people stop buying the products from street shops because of the E-commerce shopping. What this means that there would be huge job opportunities in the digital marketing field.
Once upon a time, people showed a great interest in traditional marketing to promote their product. Now Earth got tuned and Business too, So intelligent peoples Engaged with the new trend Digital Marketing to make the conversion on their business!

Career Growth in  Digital Marketing

Career in Digital Marketing

Now we all came to know that Digital Marketing is to use the internet for our advertising, publicity, and popularity. Ok, refresh yourself today I am going to show you the careers in Digital Marketing. Digital marketing career can be chosen by anyone who has completed his Higher school education and is looking for a future skill oriented mind blowing profession and makes his career in a field of marketing mixed with technology. Similarly, peoples from another domain also choose this field by part time to earn more.
This amazing new trend going to make huge opportunity in digital marketing jobs. Times of India had reported that Digital Marketing will create 9.5 Lakh jobs in India by 2017. And in future, it will get increased up to 25 lakh by 2018.
Here we have a sticky note about digital marketing professionals and the various job positions available under digital marketing.
Here we have a list of jobs under Digital Marketing field

·        Digital Marketing Manager
·        Content Marketing Manager
·        Content Writers
·        Inbound Marketing Manager
·        Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists
·        Search Engine Marketers
·        SEO Executives
·        Conversion Rate Optimizer
·         Copy Writers

This chart shows the flow. Roles and responsibilities of  Digital Marketing  job positions

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager
 One of the Happiest man in the World – Yes He is the Digital Marketing Manager.If you have 5+ years of experience with good knowledge in digital marketing means you will apply for this post, but the quality and result of your existing projects makes sense here. Such digital marketing Managers are in high demand and companies bidding for this kind of cool guys. It is not mandatory that you should hold an MBA or certifications in digital marketing because your existing projects will be the proof that you are expert in digital marketing.

Today very few peoples are in this position with high salary, If you turn back their life pages you will know how they achieved, Yes they started a blog and learned through it added huge things on that and now they made that blog as their resume.
The salary range of such digital marketing Manager is from 18 to 22 Lakhs INR per annum. But it can reach as high as 40 Lakhs plus equity in some of the biggest companies and as low as 10 lakhs per annum in a small startup company.
Digital Marketing Managers have to lead the whole digital marketing team and they will report to the Head of Marketing in the company they work for. DMM is responsible for increasing the Website Traffic for their projects.

Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing managers are responsible for managing the blog, Sales page copywriting, Email communications, Drip marketing campaigns, eBook publications, a little bit of PR, Article submissions, PDF Submission, Video marketing, and Guest blogging.
Content writers should be good in English and grammar. They have to write articles to post on various platforms for promotional purposes. They will report to the Digital Marketing Manager, CMM will manage the team of content writers. Content Marketing peoples can earn more by working in home itself through part-time job or as a Freelancers

Salary Range: 12 – 17 Lakhs Per annum
Req Experience: 3 – 5 Years
Qualification: Anyone with Good Communication Skill

Inbound Marketing Manager

Very few organization only have Inbound Marketing Manager but most of the company were not. Moreover, both Inbound Marketing team and Content writing team are same have to concentrate on the content. They have to create E-mail campaigns and to ensure traffic is driven to content assets by Social media promotions, SEO, SEM and more. Also, IMM have to interact with all the client activities.While the IMM have to create a strategy on how to engage customers using content marketing,

Social Media Marketing Expert

The job role of SMM expert is to make his brand popular through Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Also, he should be the specialist in Paid advertising in social media like creating Campaigns with good content and posts. Generating and sharing relative content daily that creates meaningful connections. They are responsible for promoting our Product/Services to the targeted audience from the various locations.

Search Engine Marketer / Specialist

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of Digital marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising.
The job nature of Search engine marketer is to create Paid advertisement in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Most of them will prefer GOOGLE ADWORDS only because of the huge users. This includes Image add, Video Add, Text Add, Shopping Add etc.
In the small companies, Digital marketing manager itself take care of this role. But for bigger companies, we need a dedicated expert and specialist for SEM
Search engine marketers will report to digital marketing managers. The main task of a search engine marketer is to bring the target number of Conversion leads and clicks from the allocated marketing budget. The main part of the work is involved in analysis, bid management, keyword research, ad copywriting and split testing the ad campaigns.

Salary Range: 2.5 - 3 Lakhs Per annum
Req Experience: 2 – 3 Years (Small Companies hire freshers)
Qualification: Anyone with SEM Skill (Google Adwords Certification is recommended)

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO Executive)

A good SEO executive can bring our website link at the first position of Google search engine page without spending money on Google Adwords Campaign. The job of SEO executive is to make our website SEO friendly by providing top keywords to the website and creating valuable Meta tags, Page Title etc to get promoted.
An SEO Expert should know about the various kinds of SEO tools in the market. For eg, Neil Patel tool, Small SEO tool, Solid SEO tool etc. Also SEO Executive should have strong knowledge in Google Analytics and Webmaster tool. They have to know basic HTML and CSS to implement the On-Page SEO.
SEO experts will report to the digital marketing managers and mostly they won't manage any team. They are individual contributors only and they will have direct contact with Web Development team.


This person will work with many people in the digital marketing team and they will create freaky engaging words to attract the customers on online. The copywriter can help the SEM people to write better ad copy also helps Social Media Marketing manager to post new trendy words on all social media channels for more engagement. Only a few organizations will have Copywriters. The job role of CRO expert and Copy Writers are similarly same.


I hope this article gave you a moderate idea about digital marketing jobs and careers. This is time to make yourself as Digital marketing expert to rule this online world because you find the good runway to take off your career.

Nickname - SEO Expert in Pondicherry

Friday, 14 October 2016

10 Ways to Increase Your Video Views on YouTube


What can I do

Link Building

Hiring a Link Builder is not that much easy work because he should know about the concepts and fundementals of Search engine algorothim. I'm expert in posting links on good DA/PA websites to rank my clients website.


I would like to bring both paid and organic traffic on my clients website with some conversion too. There are multiple ways to bring traffic on website but the best is loading my clients bank account with conversions.

Social Media Optimization

I will make best Social Media Coverage for my clients with the good Impressions and reach. I increased many clients business page with likes and conversions. I love to promote brands on Social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.

On Page & Off Page Optimization

My goal is to deliver super best results for my clients in the SEO. I would manage both On page and off page to bring the SEO Friendly websites.

Email Marketing

It's very simple for me to make the attractive email campaigns with good conversion rate. My business clients are happy with my Email marketing skill.

User Experience

Being a freelancer I handled American, Canadian, Eurapean clients, Still they happy with my results. And i'm maintaining good rapport with my clients business till now.


Get in touch with me


2, Mudaliyarpet, Pondicherry

Phone number

+(91) 9500338277